Canacopa (कानाकोपा)

Interact with the Physical World,
Make your places interesting within 5 minutes.
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Beacons will be everywhere, Use our generic services which can be deployed at any place be it a building, mall or an expo

Context Awareness

Get context aware notifications and Interact with the services available around you!

Physical Web

Already using Physical web? No worries, our app support Physical Web URLs too.


Get detailed analytics about total footfall, average time spent at location or time spent per person.

Why Canacopa

Due to the advent of Internet,everything now has two personae: one physical,one one consists of profiles which are photographs,likes,dislikes and favourites. But these personae are not always connected to each other. For instance, places around us have so many services to offer, but we tend to ignore them all the time. Technologies (GPS/AGPS) and providers(Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps etc) have done massive profiling of outdoor locations and places, and provide a rich experience to users, but the same cannot be said of indoor locations. We rely on boards, signs and other people to get relevant information inside a building. But what if buildings could themselves provide services that are available to the user and give contextual notifications, which would enhance user experience inside any building? We have built a generic system which uses Eddystone beacon technology to augment physical experiences, in any location.

Vendor Application Features

Vendor application allows vendors to add new Venues, Places and associate and deploy beacons at various places. Vendor can also get detailed analytics.

User Application Features

User can find venues nearest to his geographic location, can get the places inside the venues and interact with the services offered by the vendor. User can also find nearby the URLs(Physical Web included).

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